Bath'ing Peoples

The Bath'ing peoples bath club is for all those people that love Roman Baths and want to participate in our bath CA's!

---> Lydiapage with 51 spaces
---> robowing with 51 spaces
---> MoltoVivace with 51 spaces
---> LynnAudrey with 51 spaces
---> garfield1st with 51 spaces
---> Hondsbrutaal with 41 spaces and
---> VAZ487 with 41 spaces
---> Twiink with 49 spaces
---> butterflytatts with 51 spaces
---> XuHuH with 51 spaces
---> loopy loui with 51 spaces
---> Relax with 51 spaces

We will all try to host 2/3 times a day so all are welcome!! We will notify members early when big baths are going on!

We recommend if you are online that you refresh your browser at :00 and :15 to see if you have a message from BiP about a bath so that you can secure a space! If you send your request after we announce in Com-Act we cant promise to give you priority, but if you send request early when you get our email you will most likely get a place!

REQUEST: Please do not advertise these baths in public chat rooms such as Com-Act chat. Hosts will advertise, as they want to allow time for members to send friend requests. Thanks!

Please note: we respect other bath hosts and other bathing clubs and we will not talk about them but we are open to have discussions with them! We would like to make known that we do not appreciate our members talking bad about other hosts and/or clubs, nor will we talk bad about them in public either.

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