Food Cas At Hooters Guild House Hooter Ca

Hooters guild house has been built up around the premise of Food CAs. Over 400 seats are available every hour for use. The idea was to have a place to consolidate people who like food CAs to 1 location with enough capacity to max the SP. The club HOOTER CA is most everyone (who had room for another club) who enjoys these massive meals regularly. We currently reach max SP almost every hour. Nights in the US are a little slower but slowly growing near max.

It took almost 4 weeks of inviting 24/7 to build up to this point. We are open 24/7, which means every hour of every day. Following are some simple "rules" for attending a food CA at the Hooters Guild House.


1. WASH UP FIRST! You will get little to no SP if you are dirty! (there are wash basins in entry for public use)
2. Use house chat (the speech bubble in the top right corner).
3. If nobody takes charge, all wait until :42 after to eat together, someone should be designated to lead the event. Remember, if you wait until this time more people will show up and give YOU more SP!
4. It may be hard, but do not talk from :41 to :43. Speech bubble make it hard to see the bread to start it up. After :43 passes it is OK to start talking again.
5. Stay in the seat until :45 after to let everyone finish. Remember, some sat and waited for you as well!
6. Be sure to clean up your mess after, i hate bread crumbs being left all over. :)
7. Friend request or membership is not required for food CA. Come at your leisure.

BE HUNGRY AND CLEAN (full hygiene and no more than 2/3 food bar)

ALL ROOMS WITHIN A HOUSE WORK AS ONE. Follow the bread to rooms with seats. The same bread will guide you back to the exit when done.

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