You can start making potions on quest X (please fill in for me if you know)

At Matricia's mixing table you have 6 fields for herbs:

- two fields on the left determine the potion type

- four fields on the right determine the potion size

Here is a list for the potion type:

Dragonfern + Stagfoot —> Strength (yellow)
Stagfoot + Stagfoot —> Resistance (purple)
Stagfoot + Dragonfern —> Agility (blue)
Dragonfern + Dragonfern —> Lifepoints (red)

Here is a list for the potion size:

0 herbs -> nothing
1 herb -> nothing
2 herbs -> small or nothing
3 herbs -> medium or small
4 herbs -> big or medium
1 fine herb -> big

So, more herbs increase the potion size.
A fine herb on the right side guarantees a big potion,
you don't need extra herbs then.

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