Secondary - 1

Secondary - 2

In total there are 10 different commodities,4 primary commodities and 6 secondary commodities.
Subsequent commodities are produced by subsequent treatment of other commodities.An occupation is assigned to every raw material of commodities.

These commodities can be collected with a click on the suitable field in the scenery.To do so,you need enough occupation-points

Subsequent commodities need other raw material in earlier stages.Subsequent commodities are: brick(brick makers), boards(carpenter), flour(miller), bread(baker), coal(charcoal burner) and iron(iron founder).

The production relation always remains 1:1,even if one reaches a higher lvl or uses tools.So, if you produce 10 irons at once,you also use 10 coals and 10 ores.You should care to have always enough basic commodities for the subsequent treatment.

Attention:Although miller is a subsequent occupation,flour counts with the removal of guild buildings as a primary raw material.This is not quite logical,but therefore there are 5 primary commodities and 5 subsequent commodities.

The working processes are:

~Clay»Bricks(Clay digging,burning bricks)
~Wood»Boards(Chop trees,carpentry work to produce boards)
~Wood»Charcoal(Chop trees,burn charcoal)
~Grain»Flour»Bread(harvest grain,grind flour,bake bread)
~Iron»(mine ore,burn charcoal,cast iron)

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