The Unholy Side Of Stargate Unholy Stargate

As a extension to the group of Stargate Command hereby i present to you The Unholy Side of Stargate! Join us to explore travians in a fun, social and active way.
So for all you unholy people out there, join this guild and benefit from a lot of fun!

What makes anyone unholy enough to join this guild?
Well i don't tolerate abusive behavior so that is totally out of the question. But people who love to have fun and joke around, are a little crazy or just still a child in their hearts. Naughty people with flair and people with a dirty mind ;).
Everyone is welcome as long as you are willing to have fun and be social and help your fellow members!!!

Guild Rules, Requirements and Donations

- Level 10 or higher.
- Being active on the forum of the guild.
- Being social and fun.
- You can take some jokes and pranks.
- You are a bit unholy in your heart.

- Activity on the forum.
- No abuse to other members.
- Having lot's of fun.
- Help other members where you possibly can.

Since the guild has just been founded (January 6th, 2009) we need to ask:
- A one time donation of 500 social points
- A one time donation of 250 resources

After paying that the donations will be:
- 25 social points a day
- 25 resources a day

The donations will be adjusted if it will be found necessary by the guild leaders.

Main Guild = Stargate Command (SGC)
1st Wing = Team Stargate 1 (TEAM SG1)
2nd Wing = The Unholy Side of Stargate (Unholy Stargate)

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